/ Diversified Fund of TIGRcub Issuers
Confidential Information Memorandum - EMI
The Entrex Market Index

Entrex was founded in 2001 as an Entrepreneurial Exchange with the mission to be the leading “Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs.”

Entrex focuses on $5-250 million annual revenue, cash-flowing companies via its Patented TIGRcub® Security. The TIGRcub® simplifies investing in companies by providing monthly minimum yield to investors – with the potential of enhanced-yield through revenue participation.

Early TIGRcub® Licensors offered their securities to investors through a series of institutional brokers. These companies averaged approximately $35,000,000 in annual revenues, 13 years old and $3,500,000 in EBITDA. The average $17,000,000 TIGRcub® Offering received terms from Institutional buyers for a “Buy and Hold” yield-oriented investment strategy.

Today, Entrex offers TIGRcubs® to institutional and accredited investors via $10,000 tradable TIGRcub® certificates. Each TIGRcub® Certificate, receives the “higher of a minimum yield ora slice of revenue for a designated period of time.” This allows investors to benefit from the revenue growth of a company without dealing with the complexities of equity valuations and liquidity challenges. These TIGRcub® Certificates can be bought, sold (traded) and viewed on Entrex’s eChain Portal.

Entrex created a capital market system for investors to find, research, track, manage, and trade the TIGRcub® Securities via the eChain Portalthe transaction and trading ledger for TIGRcub® Securitiesthrough TØ.com’s BlockChain trading technology platform.

Together, the TIGRcub®, the eChain Portal and TØ.com fulfill Entrex’s mission to create a “Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs.”

All Qualified TIGRcub® Offerings and TIGRcub® transactional activities are visible on Entrex’s eChain Transaction and Trading Ledger (www.entrex.net).

The Entrex Market Index is the Composite Index Fund of the Entrex Capital Market. Each company participating in the Entrex Capital Market System has up to 10% of its offering committed for purchase by the Entrex Market Index.

Each $10,000 TIGRcub® investment in The Entrex Market Index owns a small portion of each TIGRcub® Issuers’ offering, providing investors a diverse basket of yield-oriented, revenue-enhanced, debt securities.

The Entrex Market Index calculates a monthly Revenue Index for distribution to media channels. The Entrex Market Index distributes 99% of monthly Income revenues received to Investors on the 30th of the month (pursuant to the payment and services agreement) after and upon receipt of the month distributions from TIGRcub® Issuers.

The Entrex Market Index's investment committee will and does try to maintain a neutrally balanced portfolio of TIGRcub® Issuers to offer investors a diversified basket of TIGRcub® Issuers offering enhanced returns. The Entrex Market Index may, or may not, change its investment methodologies based on the recommendations of the investment committee. The Entrex Market Index can not assure past, present or future results of it's investment methodologies.

The Entrex Market Index is and maybe run by various Owners, Operators, Board Members and/or Advisors of the various companies that make up the Entrex Capital Market System inclusive of Entrex Capital Market, Inc, the financial technology company and Entrex Capital Markets, LLC., the Broker Dealer. Collectively these parties may, might, could and do have conflicts of interest in the purchase of TIGRcub® Issuing companies in which The Entrex Market Index may, or may not, purchase for the benefit of the Entrex Market Index Investors and or the Entrex Capital Market System et al.

Please review the associated DealRoom on each TIGRcub® Issuer, for additional information about the investments made by the Entrex Market Index.

The Entrex Market Index is the Composite Index Fund of the Entrex Capital Market. Each company participating in the Entrex Capital Market System has up to 10% of its offering committed for purchase by the Entrex Market Index. . . .

Issuer's "Declared Monthly Revenues"...
(green indicates "real" -- gray indicates "simulated")
Monthly "as if" annualized yield rates projected
on single $10,000 Face Value TIGRcub Certificate
Monthly "as if" payments projected on
single $10,000 Face Value TIGRcub Certificate...
The above graphs represent the historical "TIGRcub" payments "as if" the security was being paid since January 2016.
Past performance does not necessarily predict future results.

This document was prepared based on information for Entrex Market Index and is confidential to such parties. This document does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction and may not be relied upon in connection with any offer or sale of securities. This document should be read in conjunction with, and is qualified in its entirety by, information appearing in a prospectus, private placement memorandum or other applicable disclosure document (Confidential Offering Memorandum), which should be carefully reviewed prior to investing. Entrex Capital Market, Inc. has not independently verified any of the information contained herein and makes no representation or warranty as to its completeness or accuracy.