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Kingdom Energy Group, LLC
TIGRcub Raise:
Minimum Annualized Yield:
Projected IRR:
Revenue Participation:
5.00% (rounded)
5 Years
Summary Elevator Pitch: CubSheet CubCalcs

Kingdom Energy Group, LLC (KEG), a Wyoming limited liability company, is an integrated natural resources company that specializes in acquiring and developing coal properties.

- Series of Active Coal Mines across various regions
- Sales Contracts in place
- Mines in Kentucky and Tennessee
- Coal classified as High BTU (>12,800)
- Multiple railroad access (Norfolk and CSX)
- Favorable logistics to clients
- $70,000,000 TIGRcubĀ® Offering
- The Higher of $914,167 or

- 5% Base Interest Rate plus
- 5% Revenue Participation (500 BPS, both rounded)
- Minimum of 15.67% interest annually
- Payments distributed monthly
- Offering 7,000 Tradeable TIGRcubĀ® Certificates
- Tradeable per SEC, Reg D, Exemption

- Each Certificate has a face value of $10,000

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